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We've made it all the way to 90 episodes!  You know what that means right?  We're only 17 episodes away from our 107th episode!  Whoa! 

On this episode Jason teaches you all about the grape:  Cabernet Franc.  Did you know Cab Franc caused testicular cancer?  IT DOESN'T!  But how would you know that if you didn't listen to this episode?!?!  You wouldn't.  You'd just worry about all the ball cancer you might have.  But now you don't need to.  Because you have episode 90, and it will answer all of the questions your mind can even come close to formulating. 

Enjoy this episode Homies.  Show it to your hairdresser.  Learn all about Cabernet Franc and then you won't go into a divorce proceeding unprepared, ever again. 

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To switch things up a little this week, Jason decided to do a fun little episode on current wine trends, pop culture, and various vagaries of the beverage and spirits' industries.  Crack open an over-hyped Orphan Barrel whiskey and enjoy some good old chit chat regarding the trending topics in the world of drunkenness and the world at large. 

Listen to this episode while running on the treadmill, having a sleepover on the family trampoline, or while your less sophisticated friends are all in the living room watching the latest episode of 'The Real Housewives of Society's Downfall'. 

Cheers Homies.

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Jura and Savoie.  The grittiest detectives on the Arbois police force...but also, two wine regions worth talking about.  Join us as we regale you with stories of Yellow Wine, Straw Wine, Crazy Wine, Vermouth, Swiss Chalets, and even...that wacky weirdo:  Poulsard. 

Enjoy Jason as he stumbles his way through French pronunciations in an attempt to help you learn stuff.  Grab you fondue forks and your note card stacks Homies, it's gonna be one heck of a good time.  And if it isn't a good time, we place the blame squarely on the shoulders of PricewaterhouseCoopers.     

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About time right?  We were sick and tired of people DESPERATELY BEGGING US for a Marsala episode so fine, here, ya happy? 

You WILL be once you listen to this incredible podcast that is absolutely brimming with wine, women, and finely haberdashered hat brims.  'Haberdashered' isn't a word you say?'s my word against yours.  Just try taking me to court.  I doubt they'll even hear your case.  What a stupid thing to go to court for!  Ya know what would be a way cooler reason for going to court?  If it was a Marsala court where all people did was taste Marsala and decide which one they like the best.  Yeah!  That's it! 

I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!  And you'll hear me on this podcast.  Cheers you sexy Vergines.

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Weed.  Dope.  Reefer.  Chronic.  Pot.  Dope.  Herb.  Wacky Tobaccy.  Sticky Icky.  Giggle Smoke.  Juan Valdez.  The reason you were kicked out of church camp.  

We've all got different names for marijuana, and you can call it whatever you'd like.  But maybe you know the synonyms and not the science?  Well, we're here to help you out.  The Wine for Sophisticated Homies proudly present our Marijuana podcast.  We wanted to wait until our 420th episode to do a potcast, but unfortunately, it's becoming way too relevant way too fast and so, here we are.  

Now, more than ever, we NEED pot.  And quite a few state governments are starting to agree.  If you're in the industry...this will become an element of our jobs perhaps sooner rather than later.  If you're a bud-tender, we hope to do you proud.  If you're a bartender that sells bud light...we don't need your approval, but we hope you enjoy the episode anyway.  If you're The Ting Tings...whatever happened to you guys?     

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On this episode, the Wine Homies teach you how not to be an asshole while dining in a restaurant.  Listen to this to learn if you are already one of those guests that people can't stand.  Better yourself.  Better the world. 

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We're Back Homies!  Well, Jason is anyway, but that's okay!  From this point forward we'll be back on track with new episodes. 

What are we talking about today?  Rioja.  I know some of you might have reservations about trying Spanish wine...but you should actually have Gran Reservations.  Because these wines are THE SHIZ.  Join us on the Spanish Train and

Join Jason for his first solo podcast as he talks to himself all about Rioja wine.  Well, he's talking to you too...but, for the sake of the podcast, he just recorded this in front of a mirror wearing his prettiest hat.  And yes, everyone should own a pretty hat.  

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On this very special episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, Jason interviews 5 Time Hipster Bartender of the Year, Skip Clappus, from the hottest, literal, underground bar in America:  Abandoned Subway Car.  Join us as we learn the hottest new trends in the Flavor Intertwining (bartending) industry.  After this podcast, you won't feel so self-conscious at that downtown LA bar where everybody you meet is a total asshole.    Learn all about crazy new trends like "Anonymous Bartending" and drinks so revolutionary, even the French would appreciate them.   Flair bartending?  That's cool I guess.  Ya know what's cooler?  Flare bartending, and Skip will tell you all about that.  Get ready for a doozy of a podcast homies.  A really, rumstinkin' doozy.  

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On this episode, the wine homies teach you all about the magic that is rosé. 

Have you seen this wine, but always been afraid to drink it due to it being, well, you know, a "girly color"?   We get's incredibly difficult sometimes to just be yourself and not care what anyone else thinks. 

But now, you have the chance to learn all about it, so that maybe you can be cool and drink it.  Everyone's doing it by the way.  So, listen, and engage. 

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Ben talks about New Zealand. 


No, I don't feel bad at ALL about how short this description is.  Shove it. 

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