Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

On this bubbly episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, semi-professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth show off some effervescent facts for you and your gang of Homies to get down with. 

Ever wondered how Champagne is made?  Ever wondered what that stuff all those athletes waste after playoff wins?  Ever wanted to ride a pony and tell everyone how pretty you look?  Well then this is the podcast for you.  Put down those stuffy wine tomes and novels and listen in for an enjoyable episode about glittery wine.  If you don't laugh, we give you permission to make a frowny face.  If you do laugh...well...duh.  We're hilarious. 

Learn about sparkling wine!  Show off at dinner parties to your friends!  Be a better parent to your children!  Chillax. 

Remember, the proof is in the pudding, and doubly in the bubbly. 

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