Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

The Napa Valley is important and stuff.  It's important that we tell you about this important region, its important grapes, and the important reasons that you learn all about this historically important AVA of importance.  

Cabernet?  Chardonnay?  Those are important grapes.  Krug?  He's important.  Mondavi?  So important.  The Judgment of Paris? So damn important.  In this podcast, the first of the two parts, we teach you the history of the Napa Valley, America's mos important wine region.  So put your thinking caps on, sit back in your Adirondock chairs and turn on your most important lamps so that you can see the notes you write while listening to this VERY important podcast.  We bring you, The Napa Valley.  Enjoy Homies.  

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