Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

On this very special episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, Jason interviews 5 Time Hipster Bartender of the Year, Skip Clappus, from the hottest, literal, underground bar in America:  Abandoned Subway Car.  Join us as we learn the hottest new trends in the Flavor Intertwining (bartending) industry.  After this podcast, you won't feel so self-conscious at that downtown LA bar where everybody you meet is a total asshole.    Learn all about crazy new trends like "Anonymous Bartending" and drinks so revolutionary, even the French would appreciate them.   Flair bartending?  That's cool I guess.  Ya know what's cooler?  Flare bartending, and Skip will tell you all about that.  Get ready for a doozy of a podcast homies.  A really, rumstinkin' doozy.  

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