Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast


About time right?  We were sick and tired of people DESPERATELY BEGGING US for a Marsala episode so fine, here, ya happy? 

You WILL be once you listen to this incredible podcast that is absolutely brimming with wine, women, and finely haberdashered hat brims.  'Haberdashered' isn't a word you say?'s my word against yours.  Just try taking me to court.  I doubt they'll even hear your case.  What a stupid thing to go to court for!  Ya know what would be a way cooler reason for going to court?  If it was a Marsala court where all people did was taste Marsala and decide which one they like the best.  Yeah!  That's it! 

I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!  And you'll hear me on this podcast.  Cheers you sexy Vergines.

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