Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

"Oh No!  All of my dry wine from dinner is gone, What the flip am I gonna to do now?" Said the Homey who didn't know about dessert wines.  Dessert wines offer you a little slice of sacchariferous nectar to end your night.  You can pair them with everything or just drink them on their own.  Plus, look at how gigantic your hand will look holdin' that tiny glass!  Only a true homey would have gigantic hands.  Boom, impress everyone with your hand size.  Also, learn a little bit about how dessert wines are made, where they come from, and why you should drink them.  

If you don't like dessert wines, you need to expand your horizons.  If you don't have horizons, you should move away from smoggy city you live in Homey! Horizons are dang beautiful!  Learn yo'self on these dessert wines and be a better person.  Or don't!  But don't give us any attitude about the decisions you make in life.   

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