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A quick guide on which wine goes with which costume. Cheers Homies. 

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All you all ready for a chewy podcast?  We hope so cuz on this episode the wine homies will be breaking down the world of Syrah.  Have you ever wanted to know everything there was to know about this Northern Rhone legend?  Well here ya go.  

Home, home on the grange, where the Penfolds and Hill of Grace play, where seldom is heard, a light bodied word, and the sky is just Chapoutier.  

Cheers Homies!  

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Ch-ch-check it Benny D and Jasey Boo are on the mic with number 2.  That's right, part two of our Napa Valley podcast...get out your quills and parchment papers, cuz we're getting allllll specific on this episode. We're gonna take you through the 16 different sub-Ava's of the Napa Valley, and when we're done, we're gonna drop the mic and walk away Homies.  

This podcast is full of history, wineries, gravel, and cool stuff. That's not enough?  You'll also get our humor.  Boom.  Salesmanship.   You're welcome. The Napa Valley is a behemoth.  So get with it.  You've been served Homies. 

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The Napa Valley is important and stuff.  It's important that we tell you about this important region, its important grapes, and the important reasons that you learn all about this historically important AVA of importance.  

Cabernet?  Chardonnay?  Those are important grapes.  Krug?  He's important.  Mondavi?  So important.  The Judgment of Paris? So damn important.  In this podcast, the first of the two parts, we teach you the history of the Napa Valley, America's mos important wine region.  So put your thinking caps on, sit back in your Adirondock chairs and turn on your most important lamps so that you can see the notes you write while listening to this VERY important podcast.  We bring you, The Napa Valley.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Salutations Earthlings and sentient beings from the 5 Galaxies!  Welcome to our Future podcast...a podcast from the year 3000.  If you're Brain Scanning this podcast from somewhere in the universe, we hope you appreciate the current state of Universal Wine.  

If you are one of our listeners on Klorgshtorpel 9, you can find the translation of this podcast at your local Klorgshtorpel Pod-Library.  Make sure you give us 7 tentacles up!

A lot has changed since the year 2013, but one thing is still awesome.  Thanks for listening Galactic Homies!   

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