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Buenas Nachos!   On this episode the Homies are coming at you in real time with the wines of Mexico.  Pack a pancho, grab your lasso, hop on your burro, and head on down to the fiesta...where you'll learn a large amount of high school Spanish 1 vocabulary mixed in with a brief history and overview of the wines now being made south of the border.  Could've we have just called this podcast "The Baja Podcast" and focused on the majority of Mexican wine that comes from that one area?  Sure...but then you wouldn't have the whole picture.  The Mexican picture.  Plus we wouldn't have just called it the Baja podcast, we probably would've named it something clever or punny like "Baja Humbug" or something.  Oh great, now we gave you an idea for a clever Baja Podcast name.  Just great.  Could we delete what we just wrote?  No, our keyboard has no 'delete' button because we're just that confident.  We don't make misteaks.  Denada Homies.  Denada.  

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