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Weed.  Dope.  Reefer.  Chronic.  Pot.  Dope.  Herb.  Wacky Tobaccy.  Sticky Icky.  Giggle Smoke.  Juan Valdez.  The reason you were kicked out of church camp.  

We've all got different names for marijuana, and you can call it whatever you'd like.  But maybe you know the synonyms and not the science?  Well, we're here to help you out.  The Wine for Sophisticated Homies proudly present our Marijuana podcast.  We wanted to wait until our 420th episode to do a potcast, but unfortunately, it's becoming way too relevant way too fast and so, here we are.  

Now, more than ever, we NEED pot.  And quite a few state governments are starting to agree.  If you're in the industry...this will become an element of our jobs perhaps sooner rather than later.  If you're a bud-tender, we hope to do you proud.  If you're a bartender that sells bud light...we don't need your approval, but we hope you enjoy the episode anyway.  If you're The Ting Tings...whatever happened to you guys?     

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