Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

Over the many illustrious years that this podcast has been in existence, we've avoided interviewing any real people. Because real people, like Warhol's art subjects, are actually quite boring.

Enter Molly Brooks.

Molly is a sommelier/industry extrordinaire from the sumptuously sunshiny San Diego area and I believe you'll find her as remarkably interesting as I do.

I'm not interested in interviewing boring people.

Enjoy the exception: 

The wickedly intelligent, provocatively well-spoken, Molly Muthalovin' Brooks.



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On this episode, grab your tiny, tulip glasses and seat your rump on a seaside stump. It's time to learn all about Sherry.

Tap some ass and order some tapas and tap a short glass of all that is encompassed within this illustrious return to podcasting form.

Jason's back, ya'll. 



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On this episode, Sommelier Extraordinaire and avid TV watcher, Jason Booth, puts on his critical pants and does a thorough review of the new Starz television show 'Sweetbitter' based on the Stephanie Danler novel of the same name.

The novel is called 'Sweetbitter', not 'Of the Same Name', though if there were a novel called that, my intense hope would be for it to be made into a TV show for the sheer fun of the double entendre.

On this episode, I use the all of the meanings for all of the words (segue) to roll right over the idiocy included therein.

Nothing is sharper than a clever tongue (other than an eyelid papercut)

Enjoy the savagery of my Hotcake Hot Takes. 

And check out our sponsor: for a 20 percent discount on holiday wine gift purchases.


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The Court of Master Sommeliers Cheating Scandal in all its glory and subterfuge.

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On this episode Jason is wearing a long, sheepskin turtleneck and pouring lemony water all over his body. Why? To be thematic, ya dumb-dumbs.

This is the Sémillon podcast and no, he won't apologize for it. *Snap, Snap, Snap!*




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On this episode, Jason teaches the homies what each grape contributes to the final product of the famous Bordeaux Blend.

He also uses way too many metaphors and similes and probably exhausts that family member in your car that doesn't want to listen to another one of these episodes but you're making them anyway because you have a quirkier sense of humor than they do and you just had to sit through their entire Post Malone album.

Also, please check out our sponsor: to get 20% off on all wine purchases and, trust me on this peacocks, they've got some hole-in-the-wall stunners that'll really please the hole-in-your-face; or maybe, just that favorite holy man in your life looking to pump up the communion wine list at your favorite hipster mega-church. Whatevs--this shiz is bananas. Use my promo code and drink up me hearties, yo ho.



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Apples! Get ya alcoholic Apples, HEEEYA!

On this episode Jason teaches you all about apple cider. Why? I dunno. Why not?



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First and foremost: Go to to received a limited time offer of 20% off all purchases thanks to this very podcast. YOU'RE WELCOME. Wine Access features hard-to-find bottlings with some big name stunners mixed in that have all been specially selected by people with X-Men like palates. DON'T BELIEVE ME? Then you're an idiot and you simply can't be helped, get out of my life. Once again that's

On this historically momentous episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, Jason teaches you all about the Finger Lakes AVA in the state of New York, which, as you know, is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of...there's nothing you can't do.

And that includes wine-making in the northern parts of the state.

Slate-driven Riesling of a dry ilk? Yeah, they've got that. And I've got the facts. So let's get factual, Homies.


Also Cats, with skills.




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This podcast was discovered in an amber egg, from the DNA of a hipster mosquito that was trapped there for 2011.

I used science to get the cool ass audio shit out and download it iTunes. I know you guys want to hunt for your podcasts...not be fed. So hunt out all of the references in this one if you're hungry for some Jurassic knowledge on this ancient wine growing region of Georgia. The results will be eighty-seven percent more entertaining than both of the last two Chris Pratt-led movies.

So says the Tophatted King.

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Welcome to our first Rosé podcast.


NOT! If you even read these descriptions you'll know that this entire episode is an elaborate trap to get you to learn about an entirely different subject. And what would that be? Well, I don't want to ruin it, but...let's just say that the Band is All here.  The BAND is ALL here.  Eh? Ehhhhh? 

Welcome to a W4SH Shyamalan twist. Hope you're able to pick up all the pieces of your brain from the floor after it was blown to pieces. 

ShaKlamaLamaBlamo as the best con artists are known are know to say.




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This is hardly a full length episode. Rather, this is merely an introspection. A research tangent. A dangling participle.

Some words mean many things. Some words deserve a little more attention than others.

And here we find 'Tannin' on the examination table.

Jolly Good.



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On this episode, Internationally famous Symbologist/ Enologist Chase Maxwell finds himself on a race against the clock to solve the murder of a famous Barolo winemaker before it's too late. Murder. Sex. Intrigue. Wine. It's all here.

It always is. 


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Metal credit cards weighing you down? Don't worry, Jason is here to help. 

On this episode of W4SH, we teach you all about the most expensive food items of the restaurant world, and then we help you figure out what you should be drinking with those edible extravagances.

You might have to slow this episode down to catch the sheer amount of references and amazing recommendations that are presented here for you. Listen to this episode while tapping your Sperry's on the deck of your Blohm+Voss. 

You're welcome blue collar criminals. You're welcome rap game pimps. You're welcome guy that forgot to ask the price of the specials.

The Wine Homies pedagogy reigns supreme.

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It's not always about the shells. 

Sometimes it's about the distilled fermented grape juice from South America. 

Whether you Peruse Peruvian or Chillax Chilean, we got the Pisco for your Achin'. 

On this episode Jason spits hot fire water as he teaches you all there is to be taughten about grammar and Brandywine. Sit back and kick back with the power of your sour. 

This is the Pisco hour. 

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On this episode Jason helps you with some holiday gift ideas for the wine and alcohol lovers in your life.

Aw shucks Jason, that's real helpful. Thanks buddy. 



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Muscat is a grape that Jason talks about on this podcast. 

You are a person that downloads and listens to his tutelage. 

Tutelage is a funny word if you pronounce it like it's a French winemaking technique. 

All of these things are relevant. Why? The secrets are on Orion's Belt. 


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The Beqaa Valley, also known as the Bekaa Valley and, occasionally, The Phoenician Mother Lovin' Pimp Zone, just so happens to be the best spot for wine in all of the Middle East.  As long as you don't mind military struggles, religious infighting, and the occasional bunker buster or tank near your wine tasting room, then you should be ready to go. 

Listen to this podcast with some mezze and it'll be less falawful. Or just listen to it regardless. But. . .really listen. Not everyone makes wine in the safely golden hills of Napa. Some toil amidst the conflict. 

And so we toil to bring you their stories. So pop your Merwah and let's get to the learning. HEEYAHHH!


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Macabeo, or Viura if ya nasty, is a handy little white grape from the North of Spain and the South of France.  Mostly. 

One-third of the 'Cava Girls Trio' (a Motown band made up of three wine grapes, they can't sing but man, what a concept, eh?!), this grape felt like it deserved its own stand-alone episode (we'll see).   

On this new dose of audio adrenaline (the experience you get from listening to W4SH, not the Christian band), Jason takes you into a dreamscape you didn't even know your psyche was developing all surrounding the Macabeo grape.  Enjoy this with ya homeboys.  Enjoy this with ya shady ladies.  Enjoy this with ya shnozzchompers (you know who they are).  

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On this episode, we take you into the near future and show you what has become of the world of wine and the sommelier profession. 

A stark world, for sure, but not one without hope. 



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On this episode, Jason gets straight up literaturageous. 

You like stories? Cuz that's what this is.  So grab some mother fluffin' pillows and blankets and chocolate chip cookies and curl up by your tiny apartment space heater and give your brain a good stroke.



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What do you call a fly that won't stop buzzing around Guatama Buddha?  A Buddha pest.  What do you call it when someone checks out someone's butt and decides it's not for them?  A Booty Passed.   What do you call the capital of Hungary?  Budapest.   

What do these things all have in common?  Find out (maybe), on this episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies.  The info here is straight up royal, and we'd love nothing more than for you to send your most fertile women to listen to every, marvelous moment. 

We teach you all the Hungarian wine stuff.  And who doesn't love that?!  You know who doesn't love that?  Extremists.  And uh...pacifists.  And uh, probably, also, like, messaging board moderators.  So listen to this podcast and find your social status immediately improved.  If you don't listen, I'm going to pop this balloon that I painted a really sad face onto...and that's the LAST THING THAT ANYBODY WANTS!!! 

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You just worked a 50 hour week and you're ready to loosen your tie and go bar hopping in Seoul?  Well then you should probably know what you're getting yourself into. 

On this episode we go DEEP on Soju.  If you always wanted to dive further into Korea's national alcoholic beverage but haven't known where to start, well, this podcast will be your divining rod.  Gather around with your elders homies, we're distilling up some genius for all your listening needs. 

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The Washington episode is finally here.  If you were in the process of tying the knot around your neck because your desperation for this content had become this dire, you can cut the rope, there's no need to kill yourself (YET).  On this episode, Jason Booth, sommelier to the stars, teachers you all about Washington wine:  The grapes, the regions, the wineries, the personalities.  He also goes on way too many tangents and often struggles to include appropriate segues so that you can keep up.  But that's half the fun isn't it?  You don't fall the down the rabbit hole with this podcast so you can be fully aware of what in the hell is going on. Getting lost is half the fun of finding yourself along the way.  This IS the Jabberwocky.   Download this pacific northwest treasure and make your ear-holes go: GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG.   

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We've made it all the way to 90 episodes!  You know what that means right?  We're only 17 episodes away from our 107th episode!  Whoa! 

On this episode Jason teaches you all about the grape:  Cabernet Franc.  Did you know Cab Franc caused testicular cancer?  IT DOESN'T!  But how would you know that if you didn't listen to this episode?!?!  You wouldn't.  You'd just worry about all the ball cancer you might have.  But now you don't need to.  Because you have episode 90, and it will answer all of the questions your mind can even come close to formulating. 

Enjoy this episode Homies.  Show it to your hairdresser.  Learn all about Cabernet Franc and then you won't go into a divorce proceeding unprepared, ever again. 

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To switch things up a little this week, Jason decided to do a fun little episode on current wine trends, pop culture, and various vagaries of the beverage and spirits' industries.  Crack open an over-hyped Orphan Barrel whiskey and enjoy some good old chit chat regarding the trending topics in the world of drunkenness and the world at large. 

Listen to this episode while running on the treadmill, having a sleepover on the family trampoline, or while your less sophisticated friends are all in the living room watching the latest episode of 'The Real Housewives of Society's Downfall'. 

Cheers Homies.

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Jura and Savoie.  The grittiest detectives on the Arbois police force...but also, two wine regions worth talking about.  Join us as we regale you with stories of Yellow Wine, Straw Wine, Crazy Wine, Vermouth, Swiss Chalets, and even...that wacky weirdo:  Poulsard. 

Enjoy Jason as he stumbles his way through French pronunciations in an attempt to help you learn stuff.  Grab you fondue forks and your note card stacks Homies, it's gonna be one heck of a good time.  And if it isn't a good time, we place the blame squarely on the shoulders of PricewaterhouseCoopers.     

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About time right?  We were sick and tired of people DESPERATELY BEGGING US for a Marsala episode so fine, here, ya happy? 

You WILL be once you listen to this incredible podcast that is absolutely brimming with wine, women, and finely haberdashered hat brims.  'Haberdashered' isn't a word you say?'s my word against yours.  Just try taking me to court.  I doubt they'll even hear your case.  What a stupid thing to go to court for!  Ya know what would be a way cooler reason for going to court?  If it was a Marsala court where all people did was taste Marsala and decide which one they like the best.  Yeah!  That's it! 

I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!  And you'll hear me on this podcast.  Cheers you sexy Vergines.

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Weed.  Dope.  Reefer.  Chronic.  Pot.  Dope.  Herb.  Wacky Tobaccy.  Sticky Icky.  Giggle Smoke.  Juan Valdez.  The reason you were kicked out of church camp.  

We've all got different names for marijuana, and you can call it whatever you'd like.  But maybe you know the synonyms and not the science?  Well, we're here to help you out.  The Wine for Sophisticated Homies proudly present our Marijuana podcast.  We wanted to wait until our 420th episode to do a potcast, but unfortunately, it's becoming way too relevant way too fast and so, here we are.  

Now, more than ever, we NEED pot.  And quite a few state governments are starting to agree.  If you're in the industry...this will become an element of our jobs perhaps sooner rather than later.  If you're a bud-tender, we hope to do you proud.  If you're a bartender that sells bud light...we don't need your approval, but we hope you enjoy the episode anyway.  If you're The Ting Tings...whatever happened to you guys?     

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On this episode, the Wine Homies teach you how not to be an asshole while dining in a restaurant.  Listen to this to learn if you are already one of those guests that people can't stand.  Better yourself.  Better the world. 

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We're Back Homies!  Well, Jason is anyway, but that's okay!  From this point forward we'll be back on track with new episodes. 

What are we talking about today?  Rioja.  I know some of you might have reservations about trying Spanish wine...but you should actually have Gran Reservations.  Because these wines are THE SHIZ.  Join us on the Spanish Train and

Join Jason for his first solo podcast as he talks to himself all about Rioja wine.  Well, he's talking to you too...but, for the sake of the podcast, he just recorded this in front of a mirror wearing his prettiest hat.  And yes, everyone should own a pretty hat.  

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On this very special episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, Jason interviews 5 Time Hipster Bartender of the Year, Skip Clappus, from the hottest, literal, underground bar in America:  Abandoned Subway Car.  Join us as we learn the hottest new trends in the Flavor Intertwining (bartending) industry.  After this podcast, you won't feel so self-conscious at that downtown LA bar where everybody you meet is a total asshole.    Learn all about crazy new trends like "Anonymous Bartending" and drinks so revolutionary, even the French would appreciate them.   Flair bartending?  That's cool I guess.  Ya know what's cooler?  Flare bartending, and Skip will tell you all about that.  Get ready for a doozy of a podcast homies.  A really, rumstinkin' doozy.  

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On this episode, the wine homies teach you all about the magic that is rosé. 

Have you seen this wine, but always been afraid to drink it due to it being, well, you know, a "girly color"?   We get's incredibly difficult sometimes to just be yourself and not care what anyone else thinks. 

But now, you have the chance to learn all about it, so that maybe you can be cool and drink it.  Everyone's doing it by the way.  So, listen, and engage. 

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Ben talks about New Zealand. 


No, I don't feel bad at ALL about how short this description is.  Shove it. 

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In this new segment from the Wine for Sophisticated Homies, the boys take you inside the seedy underbelly of restaurants and wine bars for a little taste of some of the personalities we deal with on a nightly basis.  Enjoy these exaggerations, which, it should be said, are not that far off from the truth.  



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Some Wineries and Chateaus are famous, and then sometimes, the vineyard ITSELF is famous.  On this episode we break down some of the most famous vineyards in the world where wineries fight to use the name on their bottles.  The terroir on this podcast is too legitimate to quitimate, so pull up a plow, take a squat, and enjoy the learnin' you sun-scorched hand pickers of the season.  

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On another illustrious episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, these two Pulitzer prize winning podcasters take you inside the burgeoning world of Verdicchio, a wine with such complexity that only the most of serious of podcasts even dare go near it as a topic.  

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn, but mostly, you'll grow up a little.  Isn't that what summer camp is really all about?  Enjoy Homies.  

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Don't ever forgot to live while engaging in life.  


Credit to Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela: 

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On this episode we're gettin' saucy.  The Wine for Sophisticated Homies are finally bringing you the Alsace episode wherein you can expect to find great white wines, intense history lessons, high level punnery, and overt sexuality.  Ever wondered what was up with this overly germanic french region?  Prepare to become a learned scholar on everyone's favorite region to invade: Alsace.  You can listen to it now, or, for a real swinging good time, you can lay this podcast down for 15 years and open it when it's at its peak (though keep in mind the pop culture jokes won't translate quite as well).  Cheers to the beginning of another beautiful work week Homies.  Remember, you are all harbingers of pleasure and keepers of the wine key.   

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What is an urban winery?  Where is an urban winery?  When is an urban winery?  Now.  

On this episode, we go all city on you and teach you about the growing trend of wineries smack dab in the middle of the cities.  So do the dab on over to your local warehouse to snag a bottle from one of these fresh operations and see what the wine has to say.  Our guess?  It'll be something urbane.  

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See Last Episode Description.  Part 2.  























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On this episode we bring you Chapter One of a two Chapter saga teaching you all about Natural, Orange, and Underwater Wines.  These three crazes are blowing up all over the place, because the world is full of hipsters.  But you know who else was considered a hipster?  Thomas Edison.  And he invented light...or something like that.  So on this episode, get ready to turn on your thinking caps while we teach you about these crazy new trends.  And the best part?  It's a TWO-PARTER!  Other famous Two Part stories include Kill  Bill, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Money Grab, that guy you know that for whatever reason has two different parts in his hair, and now The Wine For Sophisticated Homies Episode 76.  "2016 is gonna be one hell of a year for brilliant podcasts" --Jason and Ben patting themselves on the back.   

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Australia has a lot of great wines and wine regions right?  But did you know about Tasmania?  It's one of seven Aussie wine regions that cover the expanse of the continent.  It's also its own island.  But so is Australia.  So it's an island owned by an island.  Technically every piece of land on the planet is an island.  Why do you we subcategorize islands if even Pangea itself was an island?  Ya know what?  On this episode we'll talk all about Tasmanian wine but also the legal definitions and auspices of islands.  

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On this episode the Homies take you inside the seedy underbelly of Mourvèdre fighting rings.  Did you know there are certain regions around the world where this grape is trained as an attack grape and forced to fight other grapes?  Of course you didn't...because that isn't true.  But would you have known that thing that you wouldn't ever even have assumed wasn't true if we didn't tell you it wasn't true.  Now you know something isn't about something you hadn't even thought about.  Learn about other Is's and Isn't's regarding this amazing grape on Episode 74 of the Wine For Sophisticated homies podcast, which is a podcast all about grapes, but which isn't a podcast all about not grapes, or double negatives.  It definitely isn't not a podcast about not double negatives.  

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Are you read to learn all about the grape?  Do you think I misspelled the word 'ready' in that first sentence?  Well you'd be wrong.  Do you want to be right about more stuff?  Then listen to this podcast all about the fruit from which thine wine doth come?  

Well get ready, Ben and are are about get weird.  And while we get weird?  Well heck and holly, we plan on teaching you some serious vitis vinifera grape shtick.  Learn about the different parts, the zones, and how those parts and zones affect the finished product in the bottle.   

We know, we know, this is the podcast topic you've all been screaming and haggling for.  Well save your vocal chords and your snake oil.  Here it is.  The Grape Podcast.  

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Pizza was invented in Naples.  You know what goes great with Pizza?  Wine.  You know where the first great wines of the world came from?  Campania.  Pizza and Falernian Wine.  Need I say more?  On this whiz bang episode of Wine for Sophisticated homies, super somms Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about this up-and-coming Italian wine behemoth.  From the red Aglianico, to the royal triumvirate of whites: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Falanghina, Campania wine is a companion wine.  Drink it with your companions.  You'll thank us later.  Or now if you like...go ahead.  

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Did you know Muscadet isn't actually a grape?  Nope, the grape is known as Melon de Bourgogne.  Is the grape from Burgundy?  No.  Is the fruit a melon?  No.  Wanna know these things and more?  Then listen to this podcast you curious little devils!  Sheesh!  Grab a bucket of oysters and settle into your favorite chair on your favorite fishing village deck, cuz we're gonna learn you mother shuckers some serious wine knowledge.  Cheers Homies.  

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Grappa?  What is it?  We'll tell you!  Put your headphones in and cozy up to your cat. (Cat's love grappa fyi).  Grappa, much like Rum, comes from leftover crap.  Did you know that when you're done listening to all of our podcasts you can throw them in a still and make a whole new podcast with a higher ABV?  We don't know if that's true, we're just asking if you know if that's true.  Is it?  Enjoy this Grappa podcast homies...use it during your Italian restaurant preshift notes and play it for fun while tooling around piedmonte on a Vespa with a passionate yet understated woman named Francesca.  Cheers. 

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On this episod of Ye Old Wine Podcast, the Homies are back with attitude.  Welcome to our sexy episode 69, teaching you all about the wines of Romania.  

On this episode we're going to teach you about the 7 unique Romanian wine regions, the major grapes of the country, and the history surrounding this vampire-heavy former eastern bloc up-and-comer.  We know you'll love it because you don't have much of a choice.  Have you seen the alternatives? Megh.  Cheers Homies!  

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Sure Piemonte does Nebbiolo and Moscato and Dolcetto and Cortese and Arneis...

but do you know what they grow the most of?  Fiat automobiles.  But, if we're only referring to wine...that'd be Barbera.  This podcast will grab your brain and shove barbera facts deep into your cerebellum (let it be known the cerebellum actually just handles muscle control, not fact retention, do not attempt at home).  Ever wonder where Barbera grows, who makes the best versions, and what it pairs with?  We know you haven't, but we're gonna teach you anyway, because we're pedantic and desperate for attention. CHEERS HOMIES!  

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On this episode the homies are teaching you all about cigars.  Grab your velvet smoking jacket, your glass of scotch, and your finest beard, and join us as we teach you all about the history, regions, and varieties of Cigars.  We know this isn't a podcast about wine.  But every now and then we simply like to teach you about the finer things in life.  Especially because sommeliers used to have to know about cigars.  Step up your game homies.  It's time to light one up.  

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Did you know that Switzerland makes wine? We didn't either, which is gonna make this podcast pretttttty awkward.  Yeahhhhhhhhh.   Ummmm.  Oh WAIT, there are our notes, nevermind we good we good.  

On this podcast we teach you all about the grapes, regions, and history of Switzerland.  We'll give you the best opinions we can of the country but it's tough, we're usually pretty neutral when it comes to our Switzerland opinions.  Listen to this podcast while you hike up the Matterhorn, or while you wait in line to ride the Matterhorn, or while you try to figure out what is the matter with your horn (ya know, like, if you're in a brass band with faulty instruments).  CHEERS HOMIES!  

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Yippee!  On this episode we teach you homies all about the white grape Viognier.  Ever wondered if you'll ever find love?  Sorry, we can't help you there, but we CAN help you learn all about Viognier.  We'll walk you through the grape, the regions it grows in, the best wineries making it, and what to pair it with.  Peppered throughout that lesson, you'll find hilariously bad pronunciations, unneccessary pop culture stream of consciousness jokes, and entirely innapropriate politically incorrect peanut gallery comments to make your long drive with your Republican-voting stepdad both enjoyable and awkward.  Enjoy this podcast by yourself in your closet, or at your local Supreme Court Equality party, either way it's a smash hit!  

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You can't mutage this podcast, we're loud and proud, and breakin' it down.  There are so many friggin' drinks in the wine world.  Including those that are fortified before or after fermentation has begun.  We're gonna help you understand the most famous versions of these two little subcategories.  If you're still confused after this is over, blame the European Union.  

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What's that little strip of land hanging off the southwest corner of Europe?  BAM! That's Portugal, and they make some wine there.  Don't like mainland wine?  KABLAM!  They also make island wine.  Don't like island wine? SKIDOOSH! Why are you so picky ya butthead?  

On this episode the Wine Homies will be teaching you all about the sweet and not-so-sweet wines of Portugal.  Get ready to learn all about Port, Madeira, Vinho Verde, and the up-and-coming dry, still wines the country is beginning to produce.   

Forgive us in advance for the high-difficulty pronunciations of the Portuguese language, we watched a lot of Brazilian Booty work-out videos to prepare for the difficult sounds.  We'll post an online version later on written entirely in IPA (The international phonetic alphabet, not the India Pale Ale, you can't write something in India Pale Ale...I mean, you could write something under the influence of IPA...but why?  That's a high alcohol beer, you might mistype something).  

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Finally...the day you've all been waiting for, a podcast on what to pair with the music of Drake., that's next week.  This week, we will be talking to you all about the incredibly famous and outstandingly tasty Pinot Noir.  We weave you in and out of the history, geography, taste profiles, and names-to-know for this wildly seductive brunette in a glass.  So sit back in your mushroom chair, grab a cola and a jar of cranberries, and prepare to learn your grape-loving-ass off.  Pinot Noir, at last.  

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Buenas Nachos!   On this episode the Homies are coming at you in real time with the wines of Mexico.  Pack a pancho, grab your lasso, hop on your burro, and head on down to the fiesta...where you'll learn a large amount of high school Spanish 1 vocabulary mixed in with a brief history and overview of the wines now being made south of the border.  Could've we have just called this podcast "The Baja Podcast" and focused on the majority of Mexican wine that comes from that one area?  Sure...but then you wouldn't have the whole picture.  The Mexican picture.  Plus we wouldn't have just called it the Baja podcast, we probably would've named it something clever or punny like "Baja Humbug" or something.  Oh great, now we gave you an idea for a clever Baja Podcast name.  Just great.  Could we delete what we just wrote?  No, our keyboard has no 'delete' button because we're just that confident.  We don't make misteaks.  Denada Homies.  Denada.  

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Polish off your rice grains homies, we're going straight Sake on your bums! 

Ever wanted to learn just a little bit about Sake and then forget most of what you just learned?  Well then do we have an episode for you.  Listen to this episode while you practice holding chopsticks.  Allow the mold to form to your ipods.  Put this Koji in your ears.  

During World War II, many people built Sake Bomb Shelters, which were shelters where they could drink Sake Bombs without dying from literal bombs.  That's not true.  Or is it?  We've had a lot of Sake.  



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Did you know that agave isn't actually a cactus?  It's a member of the Lily family; ya know from the genus monocot; also known as Monocotyledon; AN ANGIOSPERM!  

If you didn't know this you should listen to this episode all about Tequila.  Do we teach you this very thing in the episode?  Heck no we just told you in this episode description.  Does this mean you should start reading all of the descriptions?  Hellz yeah.  

Are we being a little anal retentive?  Not according to Freud's original definition Homies.  STAY IN SCHOOL!  Also, enjoy this fascinating study on Tequila.  Denada.  

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The Gamay grape, forever misunderstood, always controversial.  

This episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies will teach you all about the grape Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc.  Should there be an accent over that "a"? Yes, but we don't know how to do that on our keyboard.  Plug in your headphones and stimulate that soft spot for gamay you never even knew you had.   Cheers m'dears.   

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Ever wanted to learn about the Veneto?  Okay...well, fine then, learn, sheesh, stop yelling at us.  We're RIGHT HERE.  

Strap on your headphones, grab your gondolas.  

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Have you ever wondered what the hell rappers are talking about?  FEAR NOT.  We're here to teach you all about Cognac and Armagnac.   By the time you finish this podcast, you'll be BRANDED a real expert on this French after-meal might even have a better grasp on how old your cognac is...or, for that matter, why certain people drink it.  This podcast will make you all sorts of happy.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Welcome to the Pinot Gris podcast homies, or, for any of you joining us on this podcast from their Cadilac just outside the local Denny's, welcome to the Pinot Grigio podcast.  

On this episode we will be teaching you everything you need to know (also leaving lots of very important stuff out) about Pinot Gris.  Get ready for a full-bodied, spicy podcast...or a watery and unremarkable's tough to say for sure.  

Cheers Homies! 

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Merry Christmas Homies.  

Also all the other holidays.  We support everyone's version of Jesus and all drinks had in honor of those deities.  

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On this episode the Homies teach you all about the Northern Rhone.  

Have you ever wanted to learn about it?  Great!  Cuz now you can with this podcast.  For only 14.95 this podcast can be yours.  Mail your money in unmarked bearer bonds to PO Box 8675309, California, America.  

Get ready to have your slopes roasted and your Chateaus Grilleted.  

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Wine For Sophisticated Homies is proud to bring you our first ever live interview.  

On this episode, Jason interviews the worlds first Milk Sommelier, Xander Kavanaugh, the ever-popular trendmaker at New York's hottest new midnight snack bar:  'Got Milk'.    Jason dives into the growing world of artisan milk and milk pairings.  Ever wanted to learn the parallels of wine and milk?  Xander breaks it down.  Ever wonder where milk fits in the current world of culinary trends?  Well then you'll learn that too, jeez!  

Enjoy Xander's in depth milk knowledge and learn all about the hot new milk trends.  This episode is udderly fantastic.  Cheers Homies.  

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In the next chapter of the Wine for Sophisticated Homies Saga, Ben Draper and Jason Booth take you inside the secretive world of Chenin Blanc.  

Loire Valley?  Check.  South Africa?  Check.  California?  Sure.  New Zealand?  Wait what?  

Kick back in your porch hammocks with a bottle of aged Vouvray and listen to the words that are coming out of our mouths.  You'll learn all about this intriguing white wine grape and the hammock will relax your back after that stressful week at work you had.  If you do not own a porch, or a hammock, well, not much we can to suck.  

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In this episode Ben and Jason explain the Spanish wine world to you.  So pop open that pocket Freixenet you've been holding onto for a special occasion and bust out some wide-grained, American oak deck chairs so that you can sit back, relax and learn all about Spanish wine law, the DO system, and the weather and geography, including why the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.  

We recommend aging this podcast for two years in barrel and three years in bottle, so that five years years from now it'll be listening lovely.  If you have any gran reservations about this then listen to it now.  

Cheers Homies.  

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To Celebrate our 50th Episode, the Wine Homies get very drunk and talk about life.  No stuffy wine theme for this episode, just innapropriate conversations between your two favorite unserious sommeliers.

We actually talk about our own lives...alcohol leads to honesty.   

The episode is over 50 minutes so you can get drunk while you listen to us in your car or in church.  Cheers Homies, thanks for the dedication. 

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Pop open a bottle of Amaro to enjoy with this podcast.  If you don't know what an amaro even is, then listen to the podcast, learn, and then listen to the podcast again with an amaro.  If you don't like listening to things twice, then force your loved one to listen to it.  Either way it doesn't matter to us. Actually it does matter to us.  Listen to this podcast 3 times.   And that's final.  

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In this episode the homies teach you all about Diana Taurasi's favorite Italian wine to drink after a tough Phoenix Mercury game. 

The Aglianico grape is probably Greek, but hell, it's all Greek to us.  Pull the shades down, put those headphones on, and get ready to dance, or...sit, politely, and learn about this marvelously large Italian go-to.  Hazzah!  

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Get ready for it.  On this episode the Homies are doing ALL OF GERMANY. In one foul swoop.  One giant invasion where we crush the entire country with das boot on dat foot.  

Have you ever wanted to learn everything about Germany?  Or most of it anyway?  Well then your welcome.  Germany.  Ta-da.  

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On this episode, the overly attractive Wine Homies invite you into the wine cocktail world.  Ever wondered what the major cocktails incorporating wine are?  Well here you are homies. 

Ben and Jason break down cocktails that have at least 50 percent wine in their recipe.  Enjoy this podcast while drinking, listen to it a second time while drunk.  

Cheers Homies. 

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The truth is I love your white wine, 

I love Torrontés,

not just from Montes,


SUCH AROMATICS."  Evita Remix, Wine Homies 2014  

On this podcast, we talk about the noble, white grape of Argentina, Torrontés, and also where it comes from and what to eat it with and, most importantly, 12-14 unneccessary pop culture references that half of you won't even get much less appreciate.  

Enjoy the podcast Homies!  

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On this episode, the homies talk to you about England!  

Did you know they make wine?  

Yeah, we didn't either!  But they do! It's great!  It Sparkles!  Loud Noises!  

So cuddle up next to the fire with some Yorkshire Pudding, Reestit Mutton, Kippers, and Haggis, turn on your laptop, and get ready for a jolly holiday.  Keep Calm and Carry Wine.  

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The con.  The Trick.  The Prestige.  To fool the consumer into thinking they are buying one wine, when really they are buying another. 

On this episode, the Brothers Sophisticated break down the world of Counterfeit Wine, an underground nebula of seedy characters dressed up to look like that shadowy figure from the Neighborhood Watch signs.  

Fake lables, dilution, millions of dollars spent for fraudulent vinager...there's nothing these cronies haven't tried in order to pull of their imposter bottle shenanigans. So, get the rest of your 11 together Mr. Ocean and get ready for the wild word of wine crime and counterfeiting.  Spyglasses ready gumshoes!  

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On this episode the Wine Homies teach you all about Nebbiolo, the foggy grape from the foggy region of Piemonte, where fog and smoke sometimes mix together to create smog.  Foghorn-Leghorn has nothing to do with Nebbiolo, but was a quality cartoon.  

Nebbiolo on the other and is not a quality cartoon, it is a grape responsible for some of the most famous wines in the world, Barolo and Barbaresco.  So sit back, relax, crack open a bottle of Palmina's Sparkling Nebbiolo (Yes that's actually a thing) and enjoy as we once again seduce you with factamundos extraordinaire.   

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On this episode, the Homies are back and better than ever.  Join them as they dissect the political intrigue and seedy underworld of the Canadian wine industry.  

From backdoor mafia dealings to side-alley assassinations, Canada has long been known as one of the most malevolently violent wine countries the world has ever seen.  Now, for the first time ever, these two brave wine journalists risk life and reputation by revealing to you the forgotten world of Canadian vino.  You'll learn all about popular Canadian wine mob bosses such as Canucky Thompson and feared terroir locales like Vancuvee.  

Get ready for some Ice Wine Eh?  



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Also Beer! 

Did we mention Beer!  

We talk about Beer on this episode.  That is all.  



Beer.  Enjoy Homies. 

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We're getting real.  Exposing you homies to Chardonnay for all it's worth.  

Ever wondered where the grape grows, what it tastes like, what it pairs with?  We'll kind of help you with some of that.  We'll address it we guess...if we remember or get to it.  Try to remember we're highly driven by tangents and stream of conscious thinking.  

Chardonnay is one of the top ten grapes currently grown in the world.  Tons of Hectares, and even more Acres, so we'll just say it's grown on many different Hectacres.  Which is different than Heck Takers, a name of people who put up with a lot of Heck.  Enjoy the Chardonnay podcast Homies.  

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Grab your free range headphones and organically grown iPods and get ready to take a trip through Oregon wine country...where the wine is all made by earth loving Oregon hippies (according to Ben).  

Do you like Pinot Noir and diyurnal swings?  Do you appreciate wine that falls somewhere between Sonoma and Burgundy on the earth to fruit ratio?  Well then you're in luck.  You'll find it in Oregon, as well as some Blastin' Indoor Soccer, and a killer Shakespeare festival.  Be careful of the panhandlers though...some of them make more money than us.  

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On part Zwei of our Blind Tasting podcast, the homies go further into classic wine indicators, as well as breaking down the wide world of wine faults and what you should be looking for if a wine is said to be faulted.  

Remember, It's not your's not your's not your's not your fault.  



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In this episode, sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about Blind Tasting.  

This will be a two part series where we taste some wines blind, and then afterwards explain why it is important to be able to pick up on certain flavors and qualities (or faults) in wine.  

We promise this will only be a two-part series because we are not driven by money or pressures from major movie studios who want to exploit our early successes.  There won't be an Indiana Jones 4 to this podcast series, with Deadly Ants that supposedly know how to make ladders out of their own bodies when trying to kill Shia Lebouef.  We do not however have any problem with killing Shia Lebouef...if there are any ants out there who want to do that then go ahead.  


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On this episode, the Wine Homies are giving some serious credit to the biggest Unsung Hero of the wine world:  Ugni Blanc.  Also known as Trebbiano in Italy and Thalia in Hip Hop videos.  

This grape has been providing fronting rappers with Cognac for years, as well as rounding out the acidity you all know and love so much in the Chianti blend.  

So sit back and get ready to learn all about one of the most important grapes you've never heard of.  EDUCATE YOURSELVES HOMIES.  

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Get Ready! Get Set!  Austria!

On this episode, the Wine Homies are back to tell you all about Austria.  

Get ready to get Svelt with Veltliner, Pompous with Blaufrankish, and Smile with Zweigelt.  

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Yes.  We're back.  Nice to meet you 2014.  

On this episode, the Wine Homies are taking you into the world of Absinthe.  What is Absinthe you might ask?  Well the listen to the episode loser...who the heck looks at podcast descriptions just to find out what's in the podcast?  That's what listening is for.  

So strap yourself onto the Green Fairy, Chop your ears off, pull up your Bohemian butts, and enjoy.  Missed you Homies.  It's great to be back. 

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Gather round peeps, the Wine Homies are breaking down Merlot, that wine that your dad drinks...and definitely your grandparents.

This grape also died after Paul Giamatti took a verbal axe to that cherry tree, but thankfully it has survived the pop culture scare and is now doing okay again (Pinot is still doing better).   

We're going to do a quick run through on this grape. The facts, the regions, and the way it tastes (inside your mouth).  So curl up by the fireplace with a Merlot and some Werther's Originals...and enjoy.  

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Chile is a country.  Boom!  Chile is a very long country! Bam!  See those facts we just laid down?  Well that's our job.  A job that we work PROBONO! Skidoosh!  

On this podcast, professional sommeliers and part-time kindergarten teachers Ben Draper and Jason Booth lay down the cold, hard facts on Chilean wine.  Where does it grow, what does it grow, who does it grow.  You've got Chilean questions? We've got Chilean answers. Wanna know something about Paraguay?  YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WAIT HOMIE...this is the Chile podcast.  Cheers to our Homies, jeers to our detractors.  

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Don't use that wheat for bread! Use it for alcohol.  Use it for vodka or gin.  on this episode the Wine Homies delve into everyone's favorite before dinner beverage...a drink that'll help you through any boring business dinner, meeting of the parents, or impending Thanksgiving.  

Drink this if you are a spy, or a Russian government official, or a depressed early American author.  We're gonna go over the basics for you homies.  Enjoy this podcast neat or on the rocks.  

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On this, the 30th episode of the podcast that changed the wine world, incumbent sommeliers Benjamin Draper and Jason Booth take you on a journey into the world of sauvignon blanc.  All aboard the train of white grape wonder as we teach you the ins and outs of the mysterious cat pee wine grape.  

From Sancerre to Marlborough, Napa to Bordeaux, Friuli to Durbinville, we show you just how variable this grape of grace and dignity can be.  Won't you join us for another magical podcast as we elaborate on the wonders of wine?  For every download we donate a large sum of money into an offshore bank account that we don't want the government knowing about.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Hop on top of the old Safari Jeep, we're about to take you into the South African wine world, where you might spot a ferocious Cabernet Sauvignon, a herd of Chenin Blancs, a graceful Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps even see the misunderstood Pinotage!  

Rifles at the ready!  Glasses up!  No poaching!  

Here we go into...SOUTH AFRICA!  

Direct download: Episode29.m4a
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Brandish thy corkscrews, 

wield thy decanters,

Credit Card thy Coravins,

For this podcasteth is thine episode of wine tools.  Hear ye, hear ye, listen well, For Benjamin and I, sommeliers of ye old castle, deliver you details far and wide on wine tools.  

Ahem, You are most welcometh.  

Direct download: Episode28Tools.m4a
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A quick guide on which wine goes with which costume. Cheers Homies. 

Direct download: Halloween.m4a
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All you all ready for a chewy podcast?  We hope so cuz on this episode the wine homies will be breaking down the world of Syrah.  Have you ever wanted to know everything there was to know about this Northern Rhone legend?  Well here ya go.  

Home, home on the grange, where the Penfolds and Hill of Grace play, where seldom is heard, a light bodied word, and the sky is just Chapoutier.  

Cheers Homies!  

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Ch-ch-check it Benny D and Jasey Boo are on the mic with number 2.  That's right, part two of our Napa Valley podcast...get out your quills and parchment papers, cuz we're getting allllll specific on this episode. We're gonna take you through the 16 different sub-Ava's of the Napa Valley, and when we're done, we're gonna drop the mic and walk away Homies.  

This podcast is full of history, wineries, gravel, and cool stuff. That's not enough?  You'll also get our humor.  Boom.  Salesmanship.   You're welcome. The Napa Valley is a behemoth.  So get with it.  You've been served Homies. 

Direct download: Episode26PartDeux.m4a
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The Napa Valley is important and stuff.  It's important that we tell you about this important region, its important grapes, and the important reasons that you learn all about this historically important AVA of importance.  

Cabernet?  Chardonnay?  Those are important grapes.  Krug?  He's important.  Mondavi?  So important.  The Judgment of Paris? So damn important.  In this podcast, the first of the two parts, we teach you the history of the Napa Valley, America's mos important wine region.  So put your thinking caps on, sit back in your Adirondock chairs and turn on your most important lamps so that you can see the notes you write while listening to this VERY important podcast.  We bring you, The Napa Valley.  Enjoy Homies.  

Direct download: episode26Part1.m4a
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Salutations Earthlings and sentient beings from the 5 Galaxies!  Welcome to our Future podcast...a podcast from the year 3000.  If you're Brain Scanning this podcast from somewhere in the universe, we hope you appreciate the current state of Universal Wine.  

If you are one of our listeners on Klorgshtorpel 9, you can find the translation of this podcast at your local Klorgshtorpel Pod-Library.  Make sure you give us 7 tentacles up!

A lot has changed since the year 2013, but one thing is still awesome.  Thanks for listening Galactic Homies!   

Direct download: episode25.m4a
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On this episode we're gettin' down with the Galicia sound.  If you've never tried Albariño you're missing out.  What one-horse town have you been living in?  And even if you are living in a town with just one horse, that's hardly an excuse, most people drive cars now.  Where the eff are you living?  The point is on this episode we go over one of our favorite white grapes and we do so with gusto. 

If you don't like gusto you can shove it.  Enjoy Homies! 

Direct download: Episode24.m4a
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Welcome to the Land Down Under, home of big wines and big vines. 

Ever wondered what wine you should order when you see the Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas?  Ever wondered what wine you should be holding in your Mollydooker?  We've got the answers. 

Tune in and hear the story of the wine from the the land of the Backwards Swirl. 

Cheers Homies! 

Direct download: Episode23.m4a
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What?  No wine? 

No.  Let's take a wine break and talk about whisky...whiskey...whiskee...wiscy...whatever. 

"Scotch Scotch Scotch down in my belly", and straight to your technological devices via our podcast so you can learn all about what fancy shmancy people drink when they're not drinking wine. 

We recommend this podcast with a Cuban cigar and and properly twirled mustache.  Enjoy Homies. 

Direct download: episode22.m4a
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On this episode, we dive into the depths of the zincredible, the Zintillating, the zingenius grape known as Zinfandel. 

Come on Zin and join us for a zinteresting episode full of zinformation and a look at the zindustry of zinfandel.  You might find it suprizin just how much you don't know about Zin. 

We might even talk about dessert zinfandels using raiZINated grapes.  Okay, we probably wont but that sentence was worth it for the pun. 


Direct download: Episode21.m4a
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