Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

Opa!  It's a Greek wine podcast!  We're gonna explain the hell outta some Hellenic Republic wine and the grapes and producers you should know for the next time you go out for some Spanakopita. 

Ever wonder what Socrates and Plato were getting drunk on while they were waxing poetic on world philosophy?  We've got the answers!  (And the lost scrolls of the Parthenon for that matter). 

So bust out some Retsina, sit back, and enjoy the Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast on the ancient and modern wine-world of Greece. 

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Have you ever wished there was a rap out there listing all of the 1st through 5th growths from Bordeaux?  Well now there is.

Ben is on vacation and Jason is bored...and with no one there to tell Jason he can't rap...he tries to rap. Use this if you're studying Bordeaux or if you just need to laugh homies.  (Note: technically Jason went old school and listed Chateau Dubignon which no longer exists as it was absorbed by Chateau Malescot St. Exupery...but, rappers stretch the truth, what do you know about the rap game?  Nothing.) 

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On this bubbly episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, semi-professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth show off some effervescent facts for you and your gang of Homies to get down with. 

Ever wondered how Champagne is made?  Ever wondered what that stuff all those athletes waste after playoff wins?  Ever wanted to ride a pony and tell everyone how pretty you look?  Well then this is the podcast for you.  Put down those stuffy wine tomes and novels and listen in for an enjoyable episode about glittery wine.  If you don't laugh, we give you permission to make a frowny face.  If you do laugh...well...duh.  We're hilarious. 

Learn about sparkling wine!  Show off at dinner parties to your friends!  Be a better parent to your children!  Chillax. 

Remember, the proof is in the pudding, and doubly in the bubbly. 

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Everyone come quick! It's your favorite grape!  Furmint! 

Welllll, maybe it's not your favorite grape. Maybe you haven't even tried this wine before, or, heard of it, or, will even listen to this podcast.  But...this podcast is quick and snappy and is a nice little snapshot into the life of a Hungarian (No, not the Hungarian who promised us he'd be BACK) but rather, the grape that makes a killer, dry white wine and a famous, Botrytised dessert wine. 

Hopefully we did Hugh Johnson proud, if not...well, then, we apologize Mr. Johnson, maybe if you'd been around more when we were growing up we wouldn't have turned out like this. 

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In this episode, we invigorate your mind by teaching you all about Biodynamic Winemaking.  Who are we?  We're sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper, the nicest kids on the block.  Take us home to your moms.  Feed us a pot roast.  Read to us.  We're wine-trained and house-trained. 

Have you ever wondered all about the trippy pseudo-science that is Biodynamics?  It's weird and scary, sort of like your body when you're 13 years old...but don't worry, the Sophisticated Homies are here to teach you all about it.  Pop in a Pop Tart, kick back in your Adirondack, and enjoy Episode 16 of the best podcast Nicolas Joly has never listened to. 

Cheers Homies! 

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In this episode, slightly professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth regale you with facts and information about the Noble grape of Spain: Tempranillo. 

Learn all about the main blending grape of Rioja and why it's such a tricky little devil.  Rearrange all the letters used in all the words in this episode to make a hilarious new sentence!  Spelling is fun!  Enjoy Homies. 

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In this episode we take you into the world of Tuscany and all the grapes there-in.  Well, we sort of go over Tuscany.  Let's be honest...half of these podcasts are just sommeliers Ben and Jason telling very bad jokes.  

But if you want to know more about'd be hardpressed to find a better wine podcast.  And if you're a Tuscan grape, you'd also be hardpressed...but...just so they could extract the juice.  And if you ARE a grape and you're listening to this podcast, well then you're a scientific miracle.  Whoa.  

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On this episode, Sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth break down the basics of wine glasses so that the information is crystal clear.  CRYSTAL CLEAR. 

Enjoy these two Homies while they go back and forth explaining just what's so special about wine glasses and why the heck there are so many different types.  Cheers! 

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In this episode we teach you all about Malbec. Word.   

Ben did the entire podcast nude but you'll never know that because we don't take pictures.  Jason dressed normally and wore his sommelier pin...what a stand up guy (lame).  Check out our breakdown of this inky grape Homies, we think you'll enjoy the smarts.  

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In this episode, sexy funkadelic sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper take you inside the world of the newest and coolest up and coming American wine regions.  You've all heard of the west coast kids, but what other states are making great wine? 

We'll tell you all about the debutantes of debauchery in this brand spanking new podcast, and you don't even have to feel guilty! 

We used organic microphones and biodynamic podcasting techniques.  Cheers Homies! 

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"How do you make wine????" Yelled the frustrated man on the street corner.  To which the Sophisticated Homies Ben and Jason replied, "we'll tell you right now Homie!"  

And that's the history of this podcast idea.  This is a very simple, very basic podcast, focusing entirely on the subject of winemaking.  We really hope you learn the basics of how wine is made.  And if you don' attention idiot!   

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On this episode, Professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth take you in depth into the world of the Central Coast of California, one of the five major AVA's that separate California.  

If you're a Rhone Ranger, a Pinot Player, or a Chardonnay Shorty, you'll love the different regions that make up the geeky little coastal AVA's within the Central Coast.  

Get your notepads out and get ready to take some notes...or, have a notepad battle!  

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In this podcast, we break down the Gewurztraminer grape for all you Homies out there.  

ARE YOU AFRAID OF BIG, SCARY WORDS????? It's okay, it gets better.  

We break down this grape like it's never been broken down before.  Learn all about the origins, the styles, the pairings, and what clothing you should wear while drinking it (disclaimer: we do not tell you what clothing to wear while drinking this grape).  

Then, when you're done listening to the podcast, go to your local wine bar and order it like a truly Sophisticated Homie.  

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In this episode, sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth get all sophisticated on dat oak!  Ever wonder how oak works?  If barrels are important?  Who the father is?  Well then this episode will be 2/3 helpful!  

We go over the history of oak, how barrels are made, the flavors it imparts, and your Mom (we will probably not actually go over your mom, even though Ben would love to).  

So sit back and enjoy our newest podcast, and get ready to learn some serious oak facts!

Cheers Homies!   

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On this episode, sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper dive into New Zealand, the region, the grapes, the land, the history, the Lord of the Rings, etc, etc.  

Real Homies love New Zealand, and we think you Homies will really like our breakdown of this land of Sauvignon Blanc.  Sit back, kick your high-tops up, and enjoy the shizzle out of this shiznit.  Then go and review our site!  Or else!!!!!!!

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It was a dark and stormy night when she walked in, some Italian girl with all sorts of grapes in her eyes...

So begins our first wine review.  Other podcasts just review wine.  We review wine with panache.  Our first victim?  Villa Artimino, Carmignano Vigna Grumarello, DOCG Tuscan blend.  But rather than just review the wine, we incorporate the review into a Film Noir style drama, complete with bad music and crappy acting.  

You're welcome're welcome.

Ben gave this wine 7 out of 10 Top Hats, I gave it 5, for a grand total of 6 Top Hats on the Wine For Sophisticated Homies Review Scale.  Check it out and tell us if you agree.......Ya lousy animals'.    

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Sophistication?  Boom.  Riesling.  Minerals are WAY sophisticated.  Homies and Riesling go together like............homies and Riesling.  

Take this with you to the club.  Drink it in the jacuzzi.  Give it out at baby showers.  Pair it with your Homie food.  Age it and drink it at the gas station so that your petrol is paired with your literal gas (that's all Ben, Jason does not recommend that last thing).  

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In this Episode, Sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper get real on the world of wine in China.  What are they buying, what are they making, and where can a homie find some wine at a moments notice.  

We're about to open up your eyes on some stuff you didn't even know about.  So get ready to learn about the Chinese wine industry.  Also, we apologize in advance for any offensive remarks Ben might make.  He thinks we're going to be talking about fancy dishware so I think we should be okay.  But he's also currently dressing up his decanter to look like Chairman Mao, so...we'll see.  

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"Oh No!  All of my dry wine from dinner is gone, What the flip am I gonna to do now?" Said the Homey who didn't know about dessert wines.  Dessert wines offer you a little slice of sacchariferous nectar to end your night.  You can pair them with everything or just drink them on their own.  Plus, look at how gigantic your hand will look holdin' that tiny glass!  Only a true homey would have gigantic hands.  Boom, impress everyone with your hand size.  Also, learn a little bit about how dessert wines are made, where they come from, and why you should drink them.  

If you don't like dessert wines, you need to expand your horizons.  If you don't have horizons, you should move away from smoggy city you live in Homey! Horizons are dang beautiful!  Learn yo'self on these dessert wines and be a better person.  Or don't!  But don't give us any attitude about the decisions you make in life.   

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In this Episode, sommeliers Jason Booth and Benjamin Draper dive into the world of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Here, you'll learn all the basics of Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of the wine grapes.  We'll take you region to region, label to label, and explain some of the major differences in wine style based on where in the world the wine is coming from.  We'll also talk about a lot of nonsense that you should ignore.  We'll also write a description for this episode that is too long.  We'll also be repetitive.  Repetitive.    Hope you enjoy Homies.  

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Join Sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth as they make wine interesting, fun, and ridiculous, all while busting out the cold hard facts along the way.  Have you ever wanted to know about wine, but not feel like you were in a mausoleum?  Well then listen to this podcast.  Or don't...if you're lame and like being lame.  

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