Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

On this episode, Professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth take you in depth into the world of the Central Coast of California, one of the five major AVA's that separate California.  

If you're a Rhone Ranger, a Pinot Player, or a Chardonnay Shorty, you'll love the different regions that make up the geeky little coastal AVA's within the Central Coast.  

Get your notepads out and get ready to take some notes...or, have a notepad battle!  

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In this podcast, we break down the Gewurztraminer grape for all you Homies out there.  

ARE YOU AFRAID OF BIG, SCARY WORDS????? It's okay, it gets better.  

We break down this grape like it's never been broken down before.  Learn all about the origins, the styles, the pairings, and what clothing you should wear while drinking it (disclaimer: we do not tell you what clothing to wear while drinking this grape).  

Then, when you're done listening to the podcast, go to your local wine bar and order it like a truly Sophisticated Homie.  

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In this episode, sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth get all sophisticated on dat oak!  Ever wonder how oak works?  If barrels are important?  Who the father is?  Well then this episode will be 2/3 helpful!  

We go over the history of oak, how barrels are made, the flavors it imparts, and your Mom (we will probably not actually go over your mom, even though Ben would love to).  

So sit back and enjoy our newest podcast, and get ready to learn some serious oak facts!

Cheers Homies!   

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