Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

Everyone come quick! It's your favorite grape!  Furmint! 

Welllll, maybe it's not your favorite grape. Maybe you haven't even tried this wine before, or, heard of it, or, will even listen to this podcast.  But...this podcast is quick and snappy and is a nice little snapshot into the life of a Hungarian (No, not the Hungarian who promised us he'd be BACK) but rather, the grape that makes a killer, dry white wine and a famous, Botrytised dessert wine. 

Hopefully we did Hugh Johnson proud, if not...well, then, we apologize Mr. Johnson, maybe if you'd been around more when we were growing up we wouldn't have turned out like this. 

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In this episode, we invigorate your mind by teaching you all about Biodynamic Winemaking.  Who are we?  We're sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper, the nicest kids on the block.  Take us home to your moms.  Feed us a pot roast.  Read to us.  We're wine-trained and house-trained. 

Have you ever wondered all about the trippy pseudo-science that is Biodynamics?  It's weird and scary, sort of like your body when you're 13 years old...but don't worry, the Sophisticated Homies are here to teach you all about it.  Pop in a Pop Tart, kick back in your Adirondack, and enjoy Episode 16 of the best podcast Nicolas Joly has never listened to. 

Cheers Homies! 

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In this episode, slightly professional sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth regale you with facts and information about the Noble grape of Spain: Tempranillo. 

Learn all about the main blending grape of Rioja and why it's such a tricky little devil.  Rearrange all the letters used in all the words in this episode to make a hilarious new sentence!  Spelling is fun!  Enjoy Homies. 

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