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Are you read to learn all about the grape?  Do you think I misspelled the word 'ready' in that first sentence?  Well you'd be wrong.  Do you want to be right about more stuff?  Then listen to this podcast all about the fruit from which thine wine doth come?  

Well get ready, Ben and are are about get weird.  And while we get weird?  Well heck and holly, we plan on teaching you some serious vitis vinifera grape shtick.  Learn about the different parts, the zones, and how those parts and zones affect the finished product in the bottle.   

We know, we know, this is the podcast topic you've all been screaming and haggling for.  Well save your vocal chords and your snake oil.  Here it is.  The Grape Podcast.  

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Pizza was invented in Naples.  You know what goes great with Pizza?  Wine.  You know where the first great wines of the world came from?  Campania.  Pizza and Falernian Wine.  Need I say more?  On this whiz bang episode of Wine for Sophisticated homies, super somms Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about this up-and-coming Italian wine behemoth.  From the red Aglianico, to the royal triumvirate of whites: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Falanghina, Campania wine is a companion wine.  Drink it with your companions.  You'll thank us later.  Or now if you like...go ahead.  

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Did you know Muscadet isn't actually a grape?  Nope, the grape is known as Melon de Bourgogne.  Is the grape from Burgundy?  No.  Is the fruit a melon?  No.  Wanna know these things and more?  Then listen to this podcast you curious little devils!  Sheesh!  Grab a bucket of oysters and settle into your favorite chair on your favorite fishing village deck, cuz we're gonna learn you mother shuckers some serious wine knowledge.  Cheers Homies.  

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