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On this episode we're gettin' saucy.  The Wine for Sophisticated Homies are finally bringing you the Alsace episode wherein you can expect to find great white wines, intense history lessons, high level punnery, and overt sexuality.  Ever wondered what was up with this overly germanic french region?  Prepare to become a learned scholar on everyone's favorite region to invade: Alsace.  You can listen to it now, or, for a real swinging good time, you can lay this podcast down for 15 years and open it when it's at its peak (though keep in mind the pop culture jokes won't translate quite as well).  Cheers to the beginning of another beautiful work week Homies.  Remember, you are all harbingers of pleasure and keepers of the wine key.   

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What is an urban winery?  Where is an urban winery?  When is an urban winery?  Now.  

On this episode, we go all city on you and teach you about the growing trend of wineries smack dab in the middle of the cities.  So do the dab on over to your local warehouse to snag a bottle from one of these fresh operations and see what the wine has to say.  Our guess?  It'll be something urbane.  

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