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Australia has a lot of great wines and wine regions right?  But did you know about Tasmania?  It's one of seven Aussie wine regions that cover the expanse of the continent.  It's also its own island.  But so is Australia.  So it's an island owned by an island.  Technically every piece of land on the planet is an island.  Why do you we subcategorize islands if even Pangea itself was an island?  Ya know what?  On this episode we'll talk all about Tasmanian wine but also the legal definitions and auspices of islands.  

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On this episode the Homies take you inside the seedy underbelly of Mourvèdre fighting rings.  Did you know there are certain regions around the world where this grape is trained as an attack grape and forced to fight other grapes?  Of course you didn't...because that isn't true.  But would you have known that thing that you wouldn't ever even have assumed wasn't true if we didn't tell you it wasn't true.  Now you know something isn't about something you hadn't even thought about.  Learn about other Is's and Isn't's regarding this amazing grape on Episode 74 of the Wine For Sophisticated homies podcast, which is a podcast all about grapes, but which isn't a podcast all about not grapes, or double negatives.  It definitely isn't not a podcast about not double negatives.  

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Are you read to learn all about the grape?  Do you think I misspelled the word 'ready' in that first sentence?  Well you'd be wrong.  Do you want to be right about more stuff?  Then listen to this podcast all about the fruit from which thine wine doth come?  

Well get ready, Ben and are are about get weird.  And while we get weird?  Well heck and holly, we plan on teaching you some serious vitis vinifera grape shtick.  Learn about the different parts, the zones, and how those parts and zones affect the finished product in the bottle.   

We know, we know, this is the podcast topic you've all been screaming and haggling for.  Well save your vocal chords and your snake oil.  Here it is.  The Grape Podcast.  

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Pizza was invented in Naples.  You know what goes great with Pizza?  Wine.  You know where the first great wines of the world came from?  Campania.  Pizza and Falernian Wine.  Need I say more?  On this whiz bang episode of Wine for Sophisticated homies, super somms Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about this up-and-coming Italian wine behemoth.  From the red Aglianico, to the royal triumvirate of whites: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Falanghina, Campania wine is a companion wine.  Drink it with your companions.  You'll thank us later.  Or now if you like...go ahead.  

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Did you know Muscadet isn't actually a grape?  Nope, the grape is known as Melon de Bourgogne.  Is the grape from Burgundy?  No.  Is the fruit a melon?  No.  Wanna know these things and more?  Then listen to this podcast you curious little devils!  Sheesh!  Grab a bucket of oysters and settle into your favorite chair on your favorite fishing village deck, cuz we're gonna learn you mother shuckers some serious wine knowledge.  Cheers Homies.  

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Grappa?  What is it?  We'll tell you!  Put your headphones in and cozy up to your cat. (Cat's love grappa fyi).  Grappa, much like Rum, comes from leftover crap.  Did you know that when you're done listening to all of our podcasts you can throw them in a still and make a whole new podcast with a higher ABV?  We don't know if that's true, we're just asking if you know if that's true.  Is it?  Enjoy this Grappa podcast homies...use it during your Italian restaurant preshift notes and play it for fun while tooling around piedmonte on a Vespa with a passionate yet understated woman named Francesca.  Cheers. 

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On this episod of Ye Old Wine Podcast, the Homies are back with attitude.  Welcome to our sexy episode 69, teaching you all about the wines of Romania.  

On this episode we're going to teach you about the 7 unique Romanian wine regions, the major grapes of the country, and the history surrounding this vampire-heavy former eastern bloc up-and-comer.  We know you'll love it because you don't have much of a choice.  Have you seen the alternatives? Megh.  Cheers Homies!  

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Sure Piemonte does Nebbiolo and Moscato and Dolcetto and Cortese and Arneis...

but do you know what they grow the most of?  Fiat automobiles.  But, if we're only referring to wine...that'd be Barbera.  This podcast will grab your brain and shove barbera facts deep into your cerebellum (let it be known the cerebellum actually just handles muscle control, not fact retention, do not attempt at home).  Ever wonder where Barbera grows, who makes the best versions, and what it pairs with?  We know you haven't, but we're gonna teach you anyway, because we're pedantic and desperate for attention. CHEERS HOMIES!  

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On this episode the homies are teaching you all about cigars.  Grab your velvet smoking jacket, your glass of scotch, and your finest beard, and join us as we teach you all about the history, regions, and varieties of Cigars.  We know this isn't a podcast about wine.  But every now and then we simply like to teach you about the finer things in life.  Especially because sommeliers used to have to know about cigars.  Step up your game homies.  It's time to light one up.  

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Did you know that Switzerland makes wine? We didn't either, which is gonna make this podcast pretttttty awkward.  Yeahhhhhhhhh.   Ummmm.  Oh WAIT, there are our notes, nevermind we good we good.  

On this podcast we teach you all about the grapes, regions, and history of Switzerland.  We'll give you the best opinions we can of the country but it's tough, we're usually pretty neutral when it comes to our Switzerland opinions.  Listen to this podcast while you hike up the Matterhorn, or while you wait in line to ride the Matterhorn, or while you try to figure out what is the matter with your horn (ya know, like, if you're in a brass band with faulty instruments).  CHEERS HOMIES!  

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Yippee!  On this episode we teach you homies all about the white grape Viognier.  Ever wondered if you'll ever find love?  Sorry, we can't help you there, but we CAN help you learn all about Viognier.  We'll walk you through the grape, the regions it grows in, the best wineries making it, and what to pair it with.  Peppered throughout that lesson, you'll find hilariously bad pronunciations, unneccessary pop culture stream of consciousness jokes, and entirely innapropriate politically incorrect peanut gallery comments to make your long drive with your Republican-voting stepdad both enjoyable and awkward.  Enjoy this podcast by yourself in your closet, or at your local Supreme Court Equality party, either way it's a smash hit!  

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You can't mutage this podcast, we're loud and proud, and breakin' it down.  There are so many friggin' drinks in the wine world.  Including those that are fortified before or after fermentation has begun.  We're gonna help you understand the most famous versions of these two little subcategories.  If you're still confused after this is over, blame the European Union.  

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What's that little strip of land hanging off the southwest corner of Europe?  BAM! That's Portugal, and they make some wine there.  Don't like mainland wine?  KABLAM!  They also make island wine.  Don't like island wine? SKIDOOSH! Why are you so picky ya butthead?  

On this episode the Wine Homies will be teaching you all about the sweet and not-so-sweet wines of Portugal.  Get ready to learn all about Port, Madeira, Vinho Verde, and the up-and-coming dry, still wines the country is beginning to produce.   

Forgive us in advance for the high-difficulty pronunciations of the Portuguese language, we watched a lot of Brazilian Booty work-out videos to prepare for the difficult sounds.  We'll post an online version later on written entirely in IPA (The international phonetic alphabet, not the India Pale Ale, you can't write something in India Pale Ale...I mean, you could write something under the influence of IPA...but why?  That's a high alcohol beer, you might mistype something).  

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Finally...the day you've all been waiting for, a podcast on what to pair with the music of Drake., that's next week.  This week, we will be talking to you all about the incredibly famous and outstandingly tasty Pinot Noir.  We weave you in and out of the history, geography, taste profiles, and names-to-know for this wildly seductive brunette in a glass.  So sit back in your mushroom chair, grab a cola and a jar of cranberries, and prepare to learn your grape-loving-ass off.  Pinot Noir, at last.  

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Buenas Nachos!   On this episode the Homies are coming at you in real time with the wines of Mexico.  Pack a pancho, grab your lasso, hop on your burro, and head on down to the fiesta...where you'll learn a large amount of high school Spanish 1 vocabulary mixed in with a brief history and overview of the wines now being made south of the border.  Could've we have just called this podcast "The Baja Podcast" and focused on the majority of Mexican wine that comes from that one area?  Sure...but then you wouldn't have the whole picture.  The Mexican picture.  Plus we wouldn't have just called it the Baja podcast, we probably would've named it something clever or punny like "Baja Humbug" or something.  Oh great, now we gave you an idea for a clever Baja Podcast name.  Just great.  Could we delete what we just wrote?  No, our keyboard has no 'delete' button because we're just that confident.  We don't make misteaks.  Denada Homies.  Denada.  

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Polish off your rice grains homies, we're going straight Sake on your bums! 

Ever wanted to learn just a little bit about Sake and then forget most of what you just learned?  Well then do we have an episode for you.  Listen to this episode while you practice holding chopsticks.  Allow the mold to form to your ipods.  Put this Koji in your ears.  

During World War II, many people built Sake Bomb Shelters, which were shelters where they could drink Sake Bombs without dying from literal bombs.  That's not true.  Or is it?  We've had a lot of Sake.  



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Did you know that agave isn't actually a cactus?  It's a member of the Lily family; ya know from the genus monocot; also known as Monocotyledon; AN ANGIOSPERM!  

If you didn't know this you should listen to this episode all about Tequila.  Do we teach you this very thing in the episode?  Heck no we just told you in this episode description.  Does this mean you should start reading all of the descriptions?  Hellz yeah.  

Are we being a little anal retentive?  Not according to Freud's original definition Homies.  STAY IN SCHOOL!  Also, enjoy this fascinating study on Tequila.  Denada.  

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The Gamay grape, forever misunderstood, always controversial.  

This episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies will teach you all about the grape Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc.  Should there be an accent over that "a"? Yes, but we don't know how to do that on our keyboard.  Plug in your headphones and stimulate that soft spot for gamay you never even knew you had.   Cheers m'dears.   

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Ever wanted to learn about the Veneto?  Okay...well, fine then, learn, sheesh, stop yelling at us.  We're RIGHT HERE.  

Strap on your headphones, grab your gondolas.  

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Have you ever wondered what the hell rappers are talking about?  FEAR NOT.  We're here to teach you all about Cognac and Armagnac.   By the time you finish this podcast, you'll be BRANDED a real expert on this French after-meal might even have a better grasp on how old your cognac is...or, for that matter, why certain people drink it.  This podcast will make you all sorts of happy.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Welcome to the Pinot Gris podcast homies, or, for any of you joining us on this podcast from their Cadilac just outside the local Denny's, welcome to the Pinot Grigio podcast.  

On this episode we will be teaching you everything you need to know (also leaving lots of very important stuff out) about Pinot Gris.  Get ready for a full-bodied, spicy podcast...or a watery and unremarkable's tough to say for sure.  

Cheers Homies! 

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