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Have you ever wondered what the hell rappers are talking about?  FEAR NOT.  We're here to teach you all about Cognac and Armagnac.   By the time you finish this podcast, you'll be BRANDED a real expert on this French after-meal might even have a better grasp on how old your cognac is...or, for that matter, why certain people drink it.  This podcast will make you all sorts of happy.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Welcome to the Pinot Gris podcast homies, or, for any of you joining us on this podcast from their Cadilac just outside the local Denny's, welcome to the Pinot Grigio podcast.  

On this episode we will be teaching you everything you need to know (also leaving lots of very important stuff out) about Pinot Gris.  Get ready for a full-bodied, spicy podcast...or a watery and unremarkable's tough to say for sure.  

Cheers Homies! 

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