Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

Don't use that wheat for bread! Use it for alcohol.  Use it for vodka or gin.  on this episode the Wine Homies delve into everyone's favorite before dinner beverage...a drink that'll help you through any boring business dinner, meeting of the parents, or impending Thanksgiving.  

Drink this if you are a spy, or a Russian government official, or a depressed early American author.  We're gonna go over the basics for you homies.  Enjoy this podcast neat or on the rocks.  

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On this, the 30th episode of the podcast that changed the wine world, incumbent sommeliers Benjamin Draper and Jason Booth take you on a journey into the world of sauvignon blanc.  All aboard the train of white grape wonder as we teach you the ins and outs of the mysterious cat pee wine grape.  

From Sancerre to Marlborough, Napa to Bordeaux, Friuli to Durbinville, we show you just how variable this grape of grace and dignity can be.  Won't you join us for another magical podcast as we elaborate on the wonders of wine?  For every download we donate a large sum of money into an offshore bank account that we don't want the government knowing about.  Enjoy Homies.  

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Hop on top of the old Safari Jeep, we're about to take you into the South African wine world, where you might spot a ferocious Cabernet Sauvignon, a herd of Chenin Blancs, a graceful Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps even see the misunderstood Pinotage!  

Rifles at the ready!  Glasses up!  No poaching!  

Here we go into...SOUTH AFRICA!  

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Brandish thy corkscrews, 

wield thy decanters,

Credit Card thy Coravins,

For this podcasteth is thine episode of wine tools.  Hear ye, hear ye, listen well, For Benjamin and I, sommeliers of ye old castle, deliver you details far and wide on wine tools.  

Ahem, You are most welcometh.  

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