Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

On this episode, the overly attractive Wine Homies invite you into the wine cocktail world.  Ever wondered what the major cocktails incorporating wine are?  Well here you are homies. 

Ben and Jason break down cocktails that have at least 50 percent wine in their recipe.  Enjoy this podcast while drinking, listen to it a second time while drunk.  

Cheers Homies. 

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The truth is I love your white wine, 

I love Torrontés,

not just from Montes,


SUCH AROMATICS."  Evita Remix, Wine Homies 2014  

On this podcast, we talk about the noble, white grape of Argentina, Torrontés, and also where it comes from and what to eat it with and, most importantly, 12-14 unneccessary pop culture references that half of you won't even get much less appreciate.  

Enjoy the podcast Homies!  

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On this episode, the homies talk to you about England!  

Did you know they make wine?  

Yeah, we didn't either!  But they do! It's great!  It Sparkles!  Loud Noises!  

So cuddle up next to the fire with some Yorkshire Pudding, Reestit Mutton, Kippers, and Haggis, turn on your laptop, and get ready for a jolly holiday.  Keep Calm and Carry Wine.  

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The con.  The Trick.  The Prestige.  To fool the consumer into thinking they are buying one wine, when really they are buying another. 

On this episode, the Brothers Sophisticated break down the world of Counterfeit Wine, an underground nebula of seedy characters dressed up to look like that shadowy figure from the Neighborhood Watch signs.  

Fake lables, dilution, millions of dollars spent for fraudulent vinager...there's nothing these cronies haven't tried in order to pull of their imposter bottle shenanigans. So, get the rest of your 11 together Mr. Ocean and get ready for the wild word of wine crime and counterfeiting.  Spyglasses ready gumshoes!  

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