Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

Merry Christmas Homies.  

Also all the other holidays.  We support everyone's version of Jesus and all drinks had in honor of those deities.  

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On this episode the Homies teach you all about the Northern Rhone.  

Have you ever wanted to learn about it?  Great!  Cuz now you can with this podcast.  For only 14.95 this podcast can be yours.  Mail your money in unmarked bearer bonds to PO Box 8675309, California, America.  

Get ready to have your slopes roasted and your Chateaus Grilleted.  

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Wine For Sophisticated Homies is proud to bring you our first ever live interview.  

On this episode, Jason interviews the worlds first Milk Sommelier, Xander Kavanaugh, the ever-popular trendmaker at New York's hottest new midnight snack bar:  'Got Milk'.    Jason dives into the growing world of artisan milk and milk pairings.  Ever wanted to learn the parallels of wine and milk?  Xander breaks it down.  Ever wonder where milk fits in the current world of culinary trends?  Well then you'll learn that too, jeez!  

Enjoy Xander's in depth milk knowledge and learn all about the hot new milk trends.  This episode is udderly fantastic.  Cheers Homies.  

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In the next chapter of the Wine for Sophisticated Homies Saga, Ben Draper and Jason Booth take you inside the secretive world of Chenin Blanc.  

Loire Valley?  Check.  South Africa?  Check.  California?  Sure.  New Zealand?  Wait what?  

Kick back in your porch hammocks with a bottle of aged Vouvray and listen to the words that are coming out of our mouths.  You'll learn all about this intriguing white wine grape and the hammock will relax your back after that stressful week at work you had.  If you do not own a porch, or a hammock, well, not much we can to suck.  

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In this episode Ben and Jason explain the Spanish wine world to you.  So pop open that pocket Freixenet you've been holding onto for a special occasion and bust out some wide-grained, American oak deck chairs so that you can sit back, relax and learn all about Spanish wine law, the DO system, and the weather and geography, including why the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.  

We recommend aging this podcast for two years in barrel and three years in bottle, so that five years years from now it'll be listening lovely.  If you have any gran reservations about this then listen to it now.  

Cheers Homies.  

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To Celebrate our 50th Episode, the Wine Homies get very drunk and talk about life.  No stuffy wine theme for this episode, just innapropriate conversations between your two favorite unserious sommeliers.

We actually talk about our own lives...alcohol leads to honesty.   

The episode is over 50 minutes so you can get drunk while you listen to us in your car or in church.  Cheers Homies, thanks for the dedication. 

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Pop open a bottle of Amaro to enjoy with this podcast.  If you don't know what an amaro even is, then listen to the podcast, learn, and then listen to the podcast again with an amaro.  If you don't like listening to things twice, then force your loved one to listen to it.  Either way it doesn't matter to us. Actually it does matter to us.  Listen to this podcast 3 times.   And that's final.  

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In this episode the homies teach you all about Diana Taurasi's favorite Italian wine to drink after a tough Phoenix Mercury game. 

The Aglianico grape is probably Greek, but hell, it's all Greek to us.  Pull the shades down, put those headphones on, and get ready to dance, or...sit, politely, and learn about this marvelously large Italian go-to.  Hazzah!  

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Get ready for it.  On this episode the Homies are doing ALL OF GERMANY. In one foul swoop.  One giant invasion where we crush the entire country with das boot on dat foot.  

Have you ever wanted to learn everything about Germany?  Or most of it anyway?  Well then your welcome.  Germany.  Ta-da.  

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On this episode, the overly attractive Wine Homies invite you into the wine cocktail world.  Ever wondered what the major cocktails incorporating wine are?  Well here you are homies. 

Ben and Jason break down cocktails that have at least 50 percent wine in their recipe.  Enjoy this podcast while drinking, listen to it a second time while drunk.  

Cheers Homies. 

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The truth is I love your white wine, 

I love Torrontés,

not just from Montes,


SUCH AROMATICS."  Evita Remix, Wine Homies 2014  

On this podcast, we talk about the noble, white grape of Argentina, Torrontés, and also where it comes from and what to eat it with and, most importantly, 12-14 unneccessary pop culture references that half of you won't even get much less appreciate.  

Enjoy the podcast Homies!  

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On this episode, the homies talk to you about England!  

Did you know they make wine?  

Yeah, we didn't either!  But they do! It's great!  It Sparkles!  Loud Noises!  

So cuddle up next to the fire with some Yorkshire Pudding, Reestit Mutton, Kippers, and Haggis, turn on your laptop, and get ready for a jolly holiday.  Keep Calm and Carry Wine.  

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The con.  The Trick.  The Prestige.  To fool the consumer into thinking they are buying one wine, when really they are buying another. 

On this episode, the Brothers Sophisticated break down the world of Counterfeit Wine, an underground nebula of seedy characters dressed up to look like that shadowy figure from the Neighborhood Watch signs.  

Fake lables, dilution, millions of dollars spent for fraudulent vinager...there's nothing these cronies haven't tried in order to pull of their imposter bottle shenanigans. So, get the rest of your 11 together Mr. Ocean and get ready for the wild word of wine crime and counterfeiting.  Spyglasses ready gumshoes!  

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On this episode the Wine Homies teach you all about Nebbiolo, the foggy grape from the foggy region of Piemonte, where fog and smoke sometimes mix together to create smog.  Foghorn-Leghorn has nothing to do with Nebbiolo, but was a quality cartoon.  

Nebbiolo on the other and is not a quality cartoon, it is a grape responsible for some of the most famous wines in the world, Barolo and Barbaresco.  So sit back, relax, crack open a bottle of Palmina's Sparkling Nebbiolo (Yes that's actually a thing) and enjoy as we once again seduce you with factamundos extraordinaire.   

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On this episode, the Homies are back and better than ever.  Join them as they dissect the political intrigue and seedy underworld of the Canadian wine industry.  

From backdoor mafia dealings to side-alley assassinations, Canada has long been known as one of the most malevolently violent wine countries the world has ever seen.  Now, for the first time ever, these two brave wine journalists risk life and reputation by revealing to you the forgotten world of Canadian vino.  You'll learn all about popular Canadian wine mob bosses such as Canucky Thompson and feared terroir locales like Vancuvee.  

Get ready for some Ice Wine Eh?  



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Also Beer! 

Did we mention Beer!  

We talk about Beer on this episode.  That is all.  



Beer.  Enjoy Homies. 

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We're getting real.  Exposing you homies to Chardonnay for all it's worth.  

Ever wondered where the grape grows, what it tastes like, what it pairs with?  We'll kind of help you with some of that.  We'll address it we guess...if we remember or get to it.  Try to remember we're highly driven by tangents and stream of conscious thinking.  

Chardonnay is one of the top ten grapes currently grown in the world.  Tons of Hectares, and even more Acres, so we'll just say it's grown on many different Hectacres.  Which is different than Heck Takers, a name of people who put up with a lot of Heck.  Enjoy the Chardonnay podcast Homies.  

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Grab your free range headphones and organically grown iPods and get ready to take a trip through Oregon wine country...where the wine is all made by earth loving Oregon hippies (according to Ben).  

Do you like Pinot Noir and diyurnal swings?  Do you appreciate wine that falls somewhere between Sonoma and Burgundy on the earth to fruit ratio?  Well then you're in luck.  You'll find it in Oregon, as well as some Blastin' Indoor Soccer, and a killer Shakespeare festival.  Be careful of the panhandlers though...some of them make more money than us.  

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On part Zwei of our Blind Tasting podcast, the homies go further into classic wine indicators, as well as breaking down the wide world of wine faults and what you should be looking for if a wine is said to be faulted.  

Remember, It's not your's not your's not your's not your fault.  



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In this episode, sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper teach you all about Blind Tasting.  

This will be a two part series where we taste some wines blind, and then afterwards explain why it is important to be able to pick up on certain flavors and qualities (or faults) in wine.  

We promise this will only be a two-part series because we are not driven by money or pressures from major movie studios who want to exploit our early successes.  There won't be an Indiana Jones 4 to this podcast series, with Deadly Ants that supposedly know how to make ladders out of their own bodies when trying to kill Shia Lebouef.  We do not however have any problem with killing Shia Lebouef...if there are any ants out there who want to do that then go ahead.  


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On this episode, the Wine Homies are giving some serious credit to the biggest Unsung Hero of the wine world:  Ugni Blanc.  Also known as Trebbiano in Italy and Thalia in Hip Hop videos.  

This grape has been providing fronting rappers with Cognac for years, as well as rounding out the acidity you all know and love so much in the Chianti blend.  

So sit back and get ready to learn all about one of the most important grapes you've never heard of.  EDUCATE YOURSELVES HOMIES.  

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Get Ready! Get Set!  Austria!

On this episode, the Wine Homies are back to tell you all about Austria.  

Get ready to get Svelt with Veltliner, Pompous with Blaufrankish, and Smile with Zweigelt.  

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Yes.  We're back.  Nice to meet you 2014.  

On this episode, the Wine Homies are taking you into the world of Absinthe.  What is Absinthe you might ask?  Well the listen to the episode loser...who the heck looks at podcast descriptions just to find out what's in the podcast?  That's what listening is for.  

So strap yourself onto the Green Fairy, Chop your ears off, pull up your Bohemian butts, and enjoy.  Missed you Homies.  It's great to be back. 

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