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In this episode we take you into the world of Tuscany and all the grapes there-in.  Well, we sort of go over Tuscany.  Let's be honest...half of these podcasts are just sommeliers Ben and Jason telling very bad jokes.  

But if you want to know more about'd be hardpressed to find a better wine podcast.  And if you're a Tuscan grape, you'd also be hardpressed...but...just so they could extract the juice.  And if you ARE a grape and you're listening to this podcast, well then you're a scientific miracle.  Whoa.  

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On this episode, Sommeliers Ben Draper and Jason Booth break down the basics of wine glasses so that the information is crystal clear.  CRYSTAL CLEAR. 

Enjoy these two Homies while they go back and forth explaining just what's so special about wine glasses and why the heck there are so many different types.  Cheers! 

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In this episode we teach you all about Malbec. Word.   

Ben did the entire podcast nude but you'll never know that because we don't take pictures.  Jason dressed normally and wore his sommelier pin...what a stand up guy (lame).  Check out our breakdown of this inky grape Homies, we think you'll enjoy the smarts.  

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