Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

In this episode, sexy funkadelic sommeliers Jason Booth and Ben Draper take you inside the world of the newest and coolest up and coming American wine regions.  You've all heard of the west coast kids, but what other states are making great wine? 

We'll tell you all about the debutantes of debauchery in this brand spanking new podcast, and you don't even have to feel guilty! 

We used organic microphones and biodynamic podcasting techniques.  Cheers Homies! 

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"How do you make wine????" Yelled the frustrated man on the street corner.  To which the Sophisticated Homies Ben and Jason replied, "we'll tell you right now Homie!"  

And that's the history of this podcast idea.  This is a very simple, very basic podcast, focusing entirely on the subject of winemaking.  We really hope you learn the basics of how wine is made.  And if you don' attention idiot!   

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