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What's that little strip of land hanging off the southwest corner of Europe?  BAM! That's Portugal, and they make some wine there.  Don't like mainland wine?  KABLAM!  They also make island wine.  Don't like island wine? SKIDOOSH! Why are you so picky ya butthead?  

On this episode the Wine Homies will be teaching you all about the sweet and not-so-sweet wines of Portugal.  Get ready to learn all about Port, Madeira, Vinho Verde, and the up-and-coming dry, still wines the country is beginning to produce.   

Forgive us in advance for the high-difficulty pronunciations of the Portuguese language, we watched a lot of Brazilian Booty work-out videos to prepare for the difficult sounds.  We'll post an online version later on written entirely in IPA (The international phonetic alphabet, not the India Pale Ale, you can't write something in India Pale Ale...I mean, you could write something under the influence of IPA...but why?  That's a high alcohol beer, you might mistype something).  

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