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The Washington episode is finally here.  If you were in the process of tying the knot around your neck because your desperation for this content had become this dire, you can cut the rope, there's no need to kill yourself (YET).  On this episode, Jason Booth, sommelier to the stars, teachers you all about Washington wine:  The grapes, the regions, the wineries, the personalities.  He also goes on way too many tangents and often struggles to include appropriate segues so that you can keep up.  But that's half the fun isn't it?  You don't fall the down the rabbit hole with this podcast so you can be fully aware of what in the hell is going on. Getting lost is half the fun of finding yourself along the way.  This IS the Jabberwocky.   Download this pacific northwest treasure and make your ear-holes go: GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG.   

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